# Re-inventing Forestry

We are building the forestry of the future

AirForestry thins forests in a completely new way, namely from the air. Through our innovative thinning, we reduce carbon dioxide emissions from forestry work while increasing the forest's ability to sequester carbon by freeling up 20% of forest land that is currently used for forestry access roads.

By creating better forests, we contribute to a more sustainable society - economically, environmentally and socially. A sustainable society is not only our main goal but also our main driving force.

Sweden has one of the world's finest forests. We can thank our active forest management for that. Thinning is a necessary part of  forest management that increases the value of the forest.

Tending the forest is a long-term project. What is harvested today has been managed by previous generations and what is planted today will create value for our grandchildren.

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Fossil free thinning from the air

AirForestry's electric harvesting drones thin from the air without damaging the ground or the surrounding trees. Our drones quickly fly out to the tree to be thinned.

The drone then grabs the top of the tree and removes the branches in just a few seconds. Branches and needles fall back to the ground so that their nutrients remain to contribute to continued forest growth.

The drone lifts the trunk and transports it to the nearest road. The whole process is controlled from an operator station at each thinning area.

AirForestry's operator station drastically improves the working environment for the operators through, among other things, better ergonomics.

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Both drones and tools are powered by efficient electric motors with batteries as energy storage and use gravity to advantage.
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Energy use

We use about half of the energy per thinned tree compared to traditional technology*.

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Decreased direct emissions

Potential to avoid more than 150,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year in direct emissions in Sweden through electric instead of diesel*.

We promote biodiversity

Today, 15 ton machines are used to thin the forest. These machines need wide access roads and clear access to the trees to be felled, meaning that many trees and bushes are removed to give the machines a clear path.

The heavy machines also press deep tracks in the ground that destroy plants and roots, and lead to mercury runoff.

By thinning from the air, AirForestry's technology preserves and protects trees, soil and plants and makes the forest stronger. In this way, the environment in the forests and nearby waterways is improved.

Do you want to know the possible growth potential of your forest?

Through increased growth, more CO2 is bound into the forest and increases the forest's timber stock. Fill in how much forest you manage today and when you plan to carry out your next first thinning. And we will calculate your forest's possible growth potential.

"We are facing a major climate challenge. And there are only opportunities. At AirForestry, we take care of them."

Olle Gelin
CEO & Co-founder

Join the movement

We are always looking for skilled AirForesters who are driven by the same vision as we are - to contribute to better forests and a more sustainable world. Do you want to be part of the journey towards a better future? Contact Us!

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