AirForestry’s story

In September 2019, the journey that would result in the founding of AirForestry and the start of a journey towards more sustainable forestry began.

Markus, one of our founders...

...who ran a consulting company for startups, went to Green Innovation Park in Uppsala to meet more start-ups and potential partners.

During morning coffee, Markus sat beside Mauritz.

Mauritz shared Markus' commitment to green innovation and has deep expertise in electric aviation. They soon realized that with their combined skills they could create something amazing.

They became two of AirForestry’s founders. In their search for an innovative idea in environmental technology that would make a big difference for the planet, Markus and Mauritz explored several sectors in agriculture and soon landed in forestry.

They contacted Olle, who worked with forest technology development. After that, they didn’t meet many times before they realized that they could create something big and important together.

In January 2020, Markus, Mauritz and Olle decided to invest wholeheartedly in their idea of ​​a system for electric airborne forestry management. 

Since then, development has been fast

AirForestry has signed agreements with some of the largest forest owners in Sweden.

The Walerud family joined the company in the summer of 2020s.

Caroline Walerud became the fourth co-founder and today works operationally in the company.

Do you want to become part of the team?

Vi fortsätter att växa i full fart och nu har ytterligare nio supertalanger som delar företagets vision adderats till teamet. Vi består av 21 medarbetare och resan fortsätter med full kraft framåt.