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October 21, 2022

AirForestry puts forestry and technical innovation in focus on prestigious list

AirForestry, which develops high-capacity drones for forest thinning, announces today that the company has been named as one of a total of 33 technological innovation companies by the heavy technology Swedish magazine Ny Teknik's 33-list 2022.

The companies on the 33 list represent many different technology industries but, according to Ny Teknik, they have one important thing in common — a strong proprietary technological innovation with the potential to change its industry and achieve international success.

-Getting a place on Ny Teknik's list of the most innovative technology companies in Sweden is honorable. Above all, I am proud that technical innovation in forestry is being noticed since the forest is a key to solving some of the great challenges of our time, says säger Olle Gelin, CEO and co-founder of AirForestry.

The technical starting point for AirForestry's invention is moving forestry into the air. Instead of handling trees with machines that weigh several tons and cause ground damage, the drone can thin trees and tailor the forest as needed. Making forestry more efficient leads to increased storage of carbon dioxide, maintained biological diversity and increased resistance to climate change while providing more productive forests

The unique electric thinning drone debranches the tree, cuts the trunk and then lifts the tree to a road where the timber trucks can load. It only takes a few seconds.

-Together with the forestry companies and forest owners, we now have the opportunity to take forestry to a completely new level. Already in the beginning of next year, we expect to thin our first tree. We have just started our journey and I look forward to the continuation, fortsätter continues Olle Gelin.

Ny Teknik has presented the 33-list every year since 2008 and the purpose is to include the best, hottest and most innovative young technology companies in one and the same list. The list is drawn up by Ny Teknik's own editorial staff and must meet the following criteria: the company is based on an in-house developed innovation, is a maximum of seven years old, Swedish and not listed on any trading venue. The companies are also assessed based on how the innovation or processes relate to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals..

The full 33 list in 2022 from A to W:
Algo DX
Alix Labs
Argus Eye
Heart Aerospace
Hypex Bio
Indicio Technologies
Ipercept Technology
Lundoch Diagnostics
Peafowl Solar Power
Percy Roc
Sally R

About AirForestry

AirForestry's ground-breaking technology makes it possible to thin forests in a completely new way, from the air. The company's innovation makes it possible to run fossil-free, sustainable and more cost-effective forestry. The company has permission from the Swedish Transport Agency to fly thinning drones and the next step is a commercial launch. AirForestry was founded in 2020 and has since the start had a close collaboration with Sveaskog and is supported by Vinnova