Our harvest drone

The forest is fantastic, as exquisite nature and as a source of renewable raw materials, and as a carbon sink. The forest has a central role in solving the climate challenge. AirForestry enables the future of forestry efficiently and gently with our harvest drone. Our harvest drone consists of a high-capacity drone and a harvesting tool.

The harvesting tool

Our 60 kilo light harvesting tool is carried by the drone to the selected tree.

Once in place, the tool grabs the top of the tree, hugs it, prunes off the branches on the way down  and then saws off the trunk. Thereafter, the tool secures the tree so that the drone can carry it all the way to the nearest road. This is a completely new way of thinning forest.

The drone

Our high-capacity drone is 6.2 meters in diameter. With it, we are building  the forestry of the future.

With the drone, trees can be thinned from the air and then transported to the nearest road. We design according to a development process that includes traceability.

It has a specially designed structure in carbon fiber and angled rotors, to achieve the precision flying necessary to carry the tool and tree.

Here you see the drone together with the team that put it together for the first time - on October 18, 2021.

Prototype 0.4

Our second prototype is 2.5 meters in diameter, designed with machine-milled parts and carbon fiber pipes and is based on standard quality components and control systems for drones.

In January 2021, we had our first test flight with cargo where we could show both good capacity and maneuverability.

Prototype 0.1

Our first prototype was 1 meter in diameter and meant to validate our rotor concept. We built it in just a couple of days in June 2020.

Not only did the rotor design work well, the drone impressed both our customers and our investors.