Press release
June 23, 2022

Several new successes at AirForestry: Shown to Sveaskog at a joint demo day.


AirForestry recently had the opportunity to show its partner Sveaskog all the milestones that the company has achieved.

This was the first time for AirForestry to show the drone flying outdoors doing various maneuvers to demonstrate the high precision they have in flight. They also showed it flying with added weight to show what it will look like when the thinning tool is in place and stress the robustness that already exists at an early stage.

– ”- “We are taking new steps towards achieving our goals at a very fast pace right now. We are extremely proud to have come as far as we have done, and it is extra fun to show our partner Sveaskog how far we have come”,says AirForestry's co-founder and CTO, Mauritz Andersson.

AirForestry wants to use proprietary electric drones to thin trees from the air. A more gentle and sustainable technology that can change the entire forest industry. Sveaskog has been a partner of AirForestry from an early stage and were first to have the opportunity to witness all the new milestones that the company has achieved on 9 June at a joint demo day.

What AirForestry has done over the past five months is creating a workable complete solution for thinning out trees from the air based on a number of included subsystems.

 ”- “It is really good to see with your own eyes how much of the technology is in place and how it works. AirForestry is one of the companies that will be involved in shaping the forestry of the future. It feels extremely good having such a developed collaboration in place already and having the opportunity to be out early with the technology in the forest,” declares Anders Järlesjö, Head of Forest Technology at Sveaskog.

As for the self-developed drone, they have continued to develop the tool for thinning for the drone as well as the drone itself, which measures 6.2 meters and is one of the largest of its kind. The energy supply to this derives from a special battery supply solution provided by Vattenfall.

The drone is operated via a special operator station that provides visualization and data. AirForestry received permission from the Swedish Transport Agency in April to fly the drone outdoors, which shows the stability of the technology and the company's organization.

AirForestry has also received support from Vinnova in the Vehicle Strategic Research and Innovation (FFI) program and Upscaling for a sustainable industry.