Press release
March 15, 2022

AirForestry makes a successful lift-off with its large drone

"Our drone is completely unique and designed from scratch to meet a range of specific conditions and challenges. The fact that we now successfully have tested our large model is an extremely important step that shows that the technology works."

This is how AirForestry's CTO and co-founder Mauritz Andersson sums up the news that the company has reached an important milestone and completed a lift-off with its largest drone.

AirForestry is the company that will reinvent forestry by thinning trees from the air with their own developed drones. Through new and more gentle methods for thinning, AirForestry wants to help nurture the forest, which is very important for climate change.

For drones to be able to handle this task they must live up to a number of requirements, they must have the ability to be used in the event of turbulence, they have to be easy to transport and withstand high loads. AirForesty has therefore chosen to take the lead and has developed its own electrically powered drone with a diameter of 6.2 meters.

The lift-off that AirForestry carried out in February confirms that all the drone's components are working together. It was also an important test for AirForestry's own organization and its ability to live up to the required regulations.

Mauritz notes:

"This lift-off is an important milestone for us. It shows that the drone is ready to fly, that all parts do what they are supposed to do and that our safety organization works. As soon as we have all the permits in place, our next step will be to fly the drone outdoors.”