Press release
April 5, 2022

AirForestry receives the first delivery of batteries from Vattenfall

AirForestry is the innovation company that wants to reinvent forestry through gentle thinning with electric drones. Today, they announced that the company will start using Vattenfall's mobile energy storage to charge these drones.



-"Batteries from Vattenfall give us the last piece of the puzzle for a completely fossil free thinning system,"says Gösta Forsén, CIO at AirForestry.

AirForestry thins out trees from the air with self-developed drones, a gentle method that reduces both emissions and the burden on the forest ecosystems.The goal is to renew forestry through a high degree of innovation and an ambition to develop new technology and new methods together with various partners.

Today, AirForestry announced that they will use Vattenfall and their "Power-as-a-Service" solutions for mobile energy storage. AirForestry and Vattenfall will carry out a one-year pilot project where AirForestry's drones are charged with fossil-free energy using a mobile energy storage of 100 kWh. The energy storage will be placed on a vehicle, enabling easy access and transportation. The project is planned to continue through 2022 with the possibility of extended deliveries of energy storage thereafter.

“Our collaboration becomes part of AirForestry's solution and creates the opportunity for them to charge their electric harvesting drones in fields where there is no power supply. Deras teknik för en ny typ av skonsam gallring av skog och vår lösning för fossilfri elkraft kommer skapa nytta för både klimatet och skogsmiljön”, says Anders Skarin, Product Manager for energy storage at Vattenfall Network Solutions..


About Vattenfall’s Power-as-a-Service

Power-as-a-Service is an energy solution that entails that Vattenfall takes full financial and functional responsibility for the customer's power plant. This includes, among other things, investment, ownership, project management, electrical safety responsibility and operation along with maintenance responsibility for the electric power plant. The mobile energy storage has a capacity of 100 kWh and a maximum charge of + -35 kW. It is a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery. The size is 2,400 x 1,200 x 2,400 mm and the weight is 3500 kg.

AirForestry has also received support from Vinnova in the Vehicle Strategic Research and Innovation (FFI) program and Upscaling for a sustainable industry.